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Prices Go Down

Pricetack offers a unique selling format: falling price schedule. Sellers specify a start price and a series of decreases. The price of an item will decline until it is sold.

Listing Is Fast and Free

Listing on Pricetack is free and only takes a few moments. Don't fear, you can update your item information and price schedule later.

Payments Through PayPal

Online payments are handled by PayPal. Buyers pay directly to a seller's PayPal account. Pricetack will send both the buyer and seller emails when items are purchased and shipped.


Customize Your Store

Create a custom header and URL so your Pricetack store fits in with your existing store. For example: cheekob.pricetack.com.

Posting on Google & Bing

Pricetack will automatically send your product information to Google and Bing. More to come.

Engage Buyers

Buyers are encouraged to watchlist your items so they can track price changes.